Wed. Oct 21st, 2020
WordPress 5.5

What New in WordPress 5.5:

“Welcome to new Version of WordPress”

In WordPress 5.5, your site gets new power in three major features:




WordPress 5.5

1 – Speed

Posts and pages feel quicker, because of lethargic stacked pictures.

Pictures give your story a great deal of effect, however, they can here and there cause your site to appear to be moderate.

In WordPress 5.5, pictures hold back to stack until they’re going to look into seeing. The specialized term is ‘languid stacking.’

On portable, apathetic stacking can likewise shield programs from stacking records implied for different gadgets. That can set aside your peruser’s cash on information — and help protect battery life.

2 – Search

Make proper acquaintance with your new sitemap.

WordPress locales function admirably with web indexes.

Presently, of course, WordPress 5.5 incorporates an XML sitemap that helps web search tools find your most significant pages from the exact moment you go live.

So more individuals will discover your site sooner, giving you more opportunity to connect with, retain, and convert them to subscribers, clients, or whatever accommodates your meaning of achievement.

3 – Security

Auto-refreshes for Plugins and Themes

Presently you can set modules and subjects to refresh naturally — or not! — in the WordPress administrator. So you generally realize your site is running the most recent code accessible.

You can likewise turn auto-reports on or off for each module or topic you have introduced — all on similar screens you’ve generally utilized.

Update by transferring ZIP records

On the off chance that refreshing modules and subjects physically is your thing, well that is simpler as well — simply transfer a ZIP document.

Block Editor Highlights:

Indeed, the most recent WordPress discharge packs a not insignificant rundown of energizing new highlights for the square proofreader.

For instance:

Block Patterns:

New block patterns make it basic and amusing to make unpredictable, delightful designs, utilizing blends of text and media that you can blend and match to accommodate your story.

You will also discover block patterns in a wide assortment of modules and themes, with more included constantly. Pick any of them from a solitary spot — simply click and go!

Inline image editing:

Harvest, turn, and zoom your photographs directly from the image block. In the event that you invest a great deal of energy in images, this could spare you hours!

The New Block Directory:

Presently it’s simpler than any time in recent memory to discover the block you need. The new block directory is incorporated right with the block editorial manager, so you can put in new block types to your site while never leaving the supervisor.

And so much more in WordPress 5.5.

The features above are a small portion of the new block manager highlights you’ve recently introduced. Open the block editorial manager and appreciate it!


Each delivery adds upgrades to the accessible distributing experience, and that remaining parts valid for WordPress 5.5.

Presently you can duplicate links in media screens and modal dialogs with a catch, rather than attempting to feature a line of text.

You can likewise move meta boxes with the console, and alter pictures in WordPress with your assistive device, as it can peruse you the guidelines in the picture editorial manager.

For Developers of WordPress 5.5:

WordPress 5.5 also brings a major box of changes just for developers.

Server-side registered blocks in the REST API:

The expansion of block types endpoints means that JavaScript apps (like the block editor) can recover definitions for any blocks registered on the server.


The Dashicons library has gotten its last update in 5.5. It adds 39 block editor icons alongside 26 others.

Characterizing environments:

WordPress now has a standardized method to characterize a site’s situation type (staging, creation, and so on). Recover that type with wp_get_environment_type() and execute just the proper code.

Passing information to format files:

The format stacking functions (get_header(), get_template_part(), and so on.) have another $args argument. So now you can pass a whole array of information to those templates.

More changes for developers:

The PHPMailer library just got a significant update, going from version 5.2.27 to 6.1.6.

Presently get all the more fine-grained control of redirect_guess_404_permalink().

Sites that use PHP’s OPcache will see more dependable store negation, thanks to the new wp_opcache_invalidate() work during updates (counting to plugins and themes).

Custom post types associated with the classification scientific categorization would now be able to select into supporting the default term.

Default terms would now be able to be specified for custom taxonomies in register_taxonomy().

The REST API currently formally supports specifying default metadata values through register_meta().

You will discover refreshed versions of these packaged libraries:

SimplePie, Twemoji, Masonry, images stacked, getID3, Moment.js, and clipboard.js.

Check WordPress 5.5 Field Guide for More Details:

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