Sat. Jan 16th, 2021

Who am I?

I’m Umair Maqbool. Google Certified Digital Marketer and a WordPress Developer with over 2 Years of experience in HTML5/CSS3, WordPress Development & Digital Marketing.

Learn with Mentor

Learn with Mentor's Facebook Page is a help forum for all. We're here to help you in your projects of WordPress, WordPress E-Commerce site and also discuss any kind of WordPress issues with us.


I provide online Skills courses in cheap rates related to WordPress Development, Blogging, HTML5/CSS3, MS-Office Professional, Digital Marketing and SEO(Search Engine Optimization).


I create YouTube tutorials related to WordPress Development, Blogging, HTML5/CSS3, MS-Office Professional, Digital Marketing and SEO. and also provide Udemy paid courses for free on YouTube.

My Journey

This is all about my journey through WordPress development & an Entrepreneur which has taught me many lessons. I am writing this because it could be helpful to many people out there who are facing problems like i was in past. Back in 2018, Aug 28th, I had my first experience as WordPress developer. It would be exciting for almost everyone on the first day of a career. Same with me. I was so excited with many questions in mind, like how the company was going to be. What would my roles and responsibilities be? And so on. But after a week or so, we all will come to understand what the things are that we need to handle. I started my career with a startup on Social Media, Fiver & Up work where I’ve a mentor with great personality Sir Umar Bhatti(Late), Hisham Sarwar & Saad Hamid to teach me the way of learning and implementing things in my development career. I know that many of us are not going to start our career

with top companies, & didn’t find out the Mentors but we should take it as an advantage because here, we are going to learn things in our way. If it fails, we learn from our mistakes and try another way, spending more time at your practice work & Career.

A job as a freelancer is not like a Hollywood action movie where we go to spend some time and come back when the movie end. At the starting point, it’s all about our career which we are going to start throughout our life.
It’s like building a strong grip in your Skills. Spend more time at Practice work or learning at the initial phase, otherwise you are going to face something unexpected in the future. I know that every one of us has family and other responsibilities, but keep a balance on every thing.

Learn something from each mistake & Try to search for a great personality(Mentor). Do not repeat the mistakes that you’ve done before.